Monday, August 24, 2009

Tears & Cheers Breakfast

Sending your child off on his or her first day of school is hard! Summer fun is over and school routines have to be established all over again or for the first time. If it's your 5-year old just starting Kindergarten, the first day of school can be filled with many emotions: hope, anxiety, sadness, even relief! No matter what, the morning comes with a great big . . . SIGH. . . .

The Fern Bluff PTA is hosting a Tears & Cheers breakfast for moms and dads of Kindergarten students at 7:45 AM in the school library. We'll be there to share your tears and help cheer you on to remember that Kindergarten is a fabulous, giant, scary, exciting, step for your child.

We want to meet you! Come join us for a short while after school drop off on Tuesday morning, August 25, first day of school.

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